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The Wall Street Trophy Room

The following creatures have been bagged, stuffed and mounted for the pleasure of the morons who instigated the financial meltdown in the first place.  Please note that a metaphorical disaster for the wealthy gets immediate attention and lavish aid while actual disasters for the rabble are politely ignored.  This is who is in charge now.

The table below lists name (with linked home page), district, and a quick Google News link to identify possible challengers.  Feel free to drop actual challenger names and home pages in the comments or an email; I may do some updates, especially if I receive lots of names.  The raw HTML for the table may be downloaded here.  Feel free to paste it into your own posts, though I ask for credit and a link to Pruning Shears if you do so.  Data was grabbed from here.

Some thoughts on strategy:  If the representative is retiring vote against the party’s successor.  If there is token or no opposition then write someone in.  Even if it is an entirely foregone conclusion you can literally cast a vote of no confidence.

We are a much poorer nation today.

Abercrombie, NeilHawaii, 1stopponent
Ackerman, GaryNew York, 5thopponent
Alexander, RodneyLouisiana, 5thopponent
Allen, TomMaine, 1stopponent
Andrews, Robert E.New Jersey, 1stopponent
Arcuri, Michael A.New York, 24thopponent
Baca, JoeCalifornia, 43rdopponent
Bachus, SpencerAlabama, 6thopponent
Baird, BrianWashington, 3rdopponent
Baldwin, TammyWisconsin, 2ndopponent
Barrett, J.GreshamSouth Carolina, 3rdopponent
Bean, Melissa L.Illinois, 8thopponent
Berkley, ShelleyNevada, 1stopponent
Berman, HowardCalifornia, 28thopponent
Berry, MarionArkansas, 1stopponent
Biggert, JudyIllinois, 13thopponent
Bishop Jr., Sanford D.Georgia, 2ndopponent
Bishop, TimothyNew York, 1stopponent
Blunt, RoyMissouri, 7thopponent
Boehner, John A.Ohio, 8thopponent
Bonner, JoAlabama, 1stopponent
Bono Mack, MaryCalifornia, 45thopponent
Boozman, JohnArkansas, 3rdopponent
Boren, DanOklahoma, 2ndopponent
Boswell, LeonardIowa, 3rdopponent
Boucher, RickVirginia, 9thopponent
Boustany Jr., CharlesLouisiana, 7thopponent
Boyd, AllenFlorida, 2ndopponent
Brady, RobertPennsylvania, 1stopponent
Brady, KevinTexas, 8thopponent
Braley, Bruce L.Iowa, 1stopponent
Brown, HenrySouth Carolina, 1stopponent
Brown, CorrineFlorida, 3rdopponent
Buchanan, VernFlorida, 13thopponent
Calvert, KenCalifornia, 44thopponent
Camp, DaveMichigan, 4thopponent
Campbell, JohnCalifornia, 48thopponent
Cannon, ChrisUtah, 3rdopponent
Cantor, EricVirginia, 7thopponent
Capps, LoisCalifornia, 23rdopponent
Capuano, MichaelMassachusetts, 8thopponent
Cardoza, DennisCalifornia, 18thopponent
Carnahan, RussMissouri, 3rdopponent
Carson, AndreIndiana, 7thopponent
Castle, Michael N.Delaware, At Largeopponent
Clarke, Yvette D.New York, 11thopponent
Cleaver, EmanuelMissouri, 5thopponent
Clyburn, James E.South Carolina, 6thopponent
Coble, HowardNorth Carolina, 6thopponent
Cohen, SteveTennessee, 9thopponent
Cole, TomOklahoma, 4thopponent
Conaway, K. MichaelTexas, 11thopponent
Cooper, JimTennessee, 5thopponent
Costa, JimCalifornia, 20thopponent
Cramer, Robert E.Alabama, 5thopponent
Crenshaw, AnderFlorida, 4thopponent
Crowley, JosephNew York, 7thopponent
Cubin, BarbaraWyoming, At Largeopponent
Cuellar, HenryTexas, 28thopponent
Cummings, ElijahMaryland, 7thopponent
Davis, ArturAlabama, 7thopponent
Davis, SusanCalifornia, 53rdopponent
Davis, Danny K.Illinois, 7thopponent
Davis, TomVirginia, 11thopponent
DeGette, DianaColorado, 1stopponent
DeLauro, Rosa L.Connecticut, 3rdopponent
Dent, Charles W.Pennsylvania, 15thopponent
Dicks, Norman D.Washington, 6thopponent
Dingell, JohnMichigan, 15thopponent
Donnelly, JoeIndiana, 2ndopponent
Doyle, MikePennsylvania, 14thopponent
Dreier, DavidCalifornia, 26thopponent
Edwards, DonnaMaryland, 4thopponent
Edwards, ChetTexas, 17thopponent
Ehlers, Vernon J.Michigan, 3rdopponent
Ellison, KeithMinnesota, 5thopponent
Ellsworth, BradIndiana, 8thopponent
Emanuel, RahmIllinois, 5thopponent
Emerson, Jo AnnMissouri, 8thopponent
Engel, EliotNew York, 17thopponent
Eshoo, Anna G.California, 14thopponent
Etheridge, BobNorth Carolina, 2ndopponent
Everett, TerryAlabama, 2ndopponent
Fallin, MaryOklahoma, 5thopponent
Farr, SamCalifornia, 17thopponent
Fattah, ChakaPennsylvania, 2ndopponent
Ferguson, MichaelNew Jersey, 7thopponent
Fossella, VitoNew York, 13thopponent
Foster, BillIllinois, 14thopponent
Frank, BarneyMassachusetts, 4thopponent
Frelinghuysen, RodneyNew Jersey, 11thopponent
Gerlach, JimPennsylvania, 6thopponent
Giffords, GabrielleArizona, 8thopponent
Gilchrest, WayneMaryland, 1stopponent
Gonzalez, CharlieTexas, 20thopponent
Gordon, BartTennessee, 6thopponent
Granger, KayTexas, 12thopponent
Green, AlTexas, 9thopponent
Gutierrez, LuisIllinois, 4thopponent
Hall, John J.New York, 19thopponent
Hare, PhilIllinois, 17thopponent
Harman, JaneCalifornia, 36thopponent
Hastings, AlceeFlorida, 23rdopponent
Herger, WallyCalifornia, 2ndopponent
Higgins, BrianNew York, 27thopponent
Hinojosa, RubenTexas, 15thopponent
Hirono, Mazie K.Hawaii, 2ndopponent
Hobson, DavidOhio, 7thopponent
Hoekstra, PeteMichigan, 2ndopponent
Holt, RushNew Jersey, 12thopponent
Honda, MikeCalifornia, 15thopponent
Hooley, DarleneOregon, 5thopponent
Hoyer, Steny H.Maryland, 5thopponent
Inglis, BobSouth Carolina, 4thopponent
Israel, SteveNew York, 2ndopponent
Jackson Jr., JesseIllinois, 2ndopponent
Jackson Lee, SheilaTexas, 18thopponent
Johnson, EddieTexas, 30thopponent
Kanjorski, Paul E.Pennsylvania, 11thopponent
Kennedy, PatrickRhode Island, 1stopponent
Kildee, DaleMichigan, 5thopponent
Kilpatrick, CarolynMichigan, 13thopponent
Kind, RonWisconsin, 3rdopponent
King, PeteNew York, 3rdopponent
Kirk, MarkIllinois, 10thopponent
Klein, Ron Florida, 22ndopponent
Kline, JohnMinnesota, 2ndopponent
Knollenberg, JosephMichigan, 9thopponent
Kuhl Jr., John R.New York, 29thopponent
LaHood, RayIllinois, 18thopponent
Langevin, JimRhode Island, 2ndopponent
Larsen, RickWashington, 2ndopponent
Larson, John B.Connecticut, 1stopponent
Lee, BarbaraCalifornia, 9thopponent
Levin, SanderMichigan, 12thopponent
Lewis, RonKentucky, 2ndopponent
Lewis, JohnGeorgia, 5thopponent
Lewis, JerryCalifornia, 41stopponent
Loebsack, DavidIowa, 2ndopponent
Lofgren, ZoeCalifornia, 16thopponent
Lowey, NitaNew York, 18thopponent
Lungren, Daniel E.California, 3rdopponent
Mahoney, TimFlorida, 16thopponent
Maloney, CarolynNew York, 14thopponent
Markey, EdMassachusetts, 7thopponent
Marshall, JimGeorgia, 8thopponent
Matsui, Doris O.California, 5thopponent
McCarthy, CarolynNew York, 4thopponent
McCollum, BettyMinnesota, 4thopponent
McCrery, JimLouisiana, 4thopponent
McGovern, JamesMassachusetts, 3rdopponent
McHugh, John M.New York, 23rdopponent
McKeon, BuckCalifornia, 25thopponent
McNerney, JerryCalifornia, 11thopponent
McNulty, MichaelNew York, 21stopponent
Meek, KendrickFlorida, 17thopponent
Meeks, Gregory W.New York, 6thopponent
Melancon, CharlieLouisiana, 3rdopponent
Miller, BradNorth Carolina, 13thopponent
Miller, GeorgeCalifornia, 7thopponent
Miller, GaryCalifornia, 42ndopponent
Mitchell, Harry E.Arizona, 5thopponent
Mollohan, Alan B.West Virginia, 1stopponent
Moore, GwenWisconsin, 4thopponent
Capito, Shelley MooreWest Virginia, 2ndopponent
Moran, JimVirginia, 8thopponent
Murphy, PatrickPennsylvania, 8thopponent
Murphy, ChrisConnecticut, 5thopponent
Murtha, JohnPennsylvania, 12thopponent
Myrick, SueNorth Carolina, 9thopponent
Nadler, JerroldNew York, 8thopponent
Neal, Richard E.Massachusetts, 2ndopponent
Oberstar, James L.Minnesota, 8thopponent
Obey, David R.Wisconsin, 7thopponent
Olver, JohnMassachusetts, 1stopponent
Ortiz, Solomon P.Texas, 27thopponent
Pallone Jr., FrankNew Jersey, 6thopponent
Pascrell Jr., BillNew Jersey, 8thopponent
Pastor, Ed Arizona, 4thopponent
Pelosi, NancyCalifornia, 8thopponent
Perlmutter, EdColorado, 7thopponent
Peterson, JohnPennsylvania, 5thopponent
Pickering, ChipMississippi, 3rdopponent
Pomeroy, EarlNorth Dakota, At Largeopponent
Porter, JonNevada, 3rdopponent
Price, TomGeorgia, 6thopponent
Pryce, DeborahOhio, 15thopponent
Putnam, AdamFlorida, 12thopponent
Radanovich, GeorgeCalifornia, 19thopponent
Rahall, NickWest Virginia, 3rdopponent
Ramstad, JimMinnesota, 3rdopponent
Rangel, Charles B.New York, 15thopponent
Regula, RalphOhio, 16thopponent
Reyes, SilvestreTexas, 16thopponent
Reynolds, Thomas M.New York, 26thopponent
Richardson, LauraCalifornia, 37thopponent
Rogers, MikeAlabama, 3rdopponent
Rogers, HaroldKentucky, 5thopponent
Ros-Lehtinen, IleanaFlorida, 18thopponent
Ross, MikeArkansas, 4thopponent
Ruppersberger, DutchMaryland, 2ndopponent
Rush, Bobby L.Illinois, 1stopponent
Ryan, TimOhio, 17thopponent
Ryan, PaulWisconsin, 1stopponent
Sarbanes, John P.Maryland, 3rdopponent
Saxton, JimNew Jersey, 3rdopponent
Schakowsky, JanIllinois, 9thopponent
Schiff, AdamCalifornia, 29thopponent
Schmidt, JeanOhio, 2ndopponent
Schwartz, AllysonPennsylvania, 13thopponent
Scott, DavidGeorgia, 13thopponent
Sessions, PeteTexas, 32ndopponent
Sestak, JoePennsylvania, 7thopponent
Shadegg, JohnArizona, 3rdopponent
Shays, ChristopherConnecticut, 4thopponent
Shuster, BillPennsylvania, 9thopponent
Simpson, MikeIdaho, 2ndopponent
Sires, AlbioNew Jersey, 13thopponent
Skelton, IkeMissouri, 4thopponent
Slaughter, LouiseNew York, 28thopponent
Smith, LamarTexas, 21stopponent
Smith, AdamWashington, 9thopponent
Snyder, VicArkansas, 2ndopponent
Solis, HildaCalifornia, 32ndopponent
Souder, Mark E.Indiana, 3rdopponent
Space, Zachary T.Ohio, 18thopponent
Speier, JackieCalifornia, 12thopponent
Spratt, JohnSouth Carolina, 5thopponent
Sullivan, JohnOklahoma, 1stopponent
Sutton, BettyOhio, 13thopponent
Tancredo, TomColorado, 6thopponent
Tanner, JohnTennessee, 8thopponent
Tauscher, EllenCalifornia, 10thopponent
Terry, LeeNebraska, 2ndopponent
Thompson, MikeCalifornia, 1stopponent
Thornberry, MacTexas, 13thopponent
Tiberi, PatOhio, 12thopponent
Tierney, JohnMassachusetts, 6thopponent
Towns, EdolphusNew York, 10thopponent
Tsongas, NikiMassachusetts, 5thopponent
Upton, FredMichigan, 6thopponent
Van Hollen, ChrisMaryland, 8thopponent
Velázquez, NydiaNew York, 12thopponent
Walden, GregOregon, 2ndopponent
Walsh, JimNew York, 25thopponent
Wamp, ZachTennessee, 3rdopponent
Wasserman Schultz, DebbieFlorida, 20thopponent
Waters, MaxineCalifornia, 35thopponent
Watson, Diane E.California, 33rdopponent
Watt, MelNorth Carolina, 12thopponent
Waxman, HenryCalifornia, 30thopponent
Weiner, Anthony D.New York, 9thopponent
Welch, PeterVermont, At Largeopponent
Weldon, DaveFlorida, 15thopponent
Weller, JerryIllinois, 11thopponent
Wexler, RobertFlorida, 19thopponent
Wilson, HeatherNew Mexico, 1stopponent
Wilson, CharlesOhio, 6thopponent
Wilson, JoeSouth Carolina, 2ndopponent
Wolf, FrankVirginia, 10thopponent
Woolsey, LynnCalifornia, 6thopponent
Wu, DavidOregon, 1stopponent
Yarmuth, John A.Kentucky, 3rdopponent

Reader Comments (7)

Total amount of bailout is actually $800 billion but I could be wrong.
Seems like Hollywood benefits, Why?
Oh and little arrows are such a necessity for kids.
How about food for the kids living in poverty?
Increasing the insured limit of US bank balances from $100,000 to $250,000, helps only those who make enough to save that much and the Americans on minimum wage will benefit How?
Seems the $100 billion handout is not for the people who need it most.
I just love how much the CEO's of some of these poor Bankrupt Banks made. The best part is other on the charts.
Two Examples
CEO Richard F Syron Freddie Mac made 3.40 million a yearowns 20.0 million in shares
CEO Daniel H Mudd Fannie Mae made 8.79 million a year owns 18.3 million in shares
Some of the others made much more. There is a link at the site "CEO compensation" Poor, poor babies crying poor. The sky is falling in. If I weren't a lady I would say bad words. #%$#$%#$^$%&^& A whole lot of them.

October 4, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterThinking

In most cases the opponent would have voted the same way. Neither of them understanding the root causes of the bubble(s) or the futility of the bailout. The bubble was a good generation in the making and a decade ago any skeptic about the bubbles was unelectable. To expect them to turn on a dime, in a matter of days and reject the pleas of the geniuses they admired for 19.99 years is silly.

The vast majority of yes voters just did what they were told to by the leadership. That's always a given. The nay voters were a slightly more independent breed who could get away with responding to the popular sentiment because they knew the bill would pass. All but a few of them would have voted yes if theirs was the last vote that would make or break the deal and the whole world was watching. In that circumstance one risks having their name in the history books as the one who caused the panic. No politician will risk that.

It's best just to step back and see the entire cycle as inevitable. Everyone playing their part. Embracing the new age and the easy money being made.

October 4, 2008 | Unregistered Commenterrapier

In most cases the opponent would have voted the same way.
Understood, but I still think it's important for there to be consequences for actual bad votes. That might make the theoretical ones a little better. And seeing it as inevitable just encourages resignation. It's better to fight the good fight even if you don't think it will make a difference.

October 4, 2008 | Registered CommenterDan

I'm making a campaign contribution to one Representative not on this list. Tim Walberg of Southern Michigan beat a RINO incumbent in the 2006 primary and then won a close general election. Voted against the bailout twice while supporting less intrusive reforms.

2006: The Shot Heard Round the Capitol

Tim's Blog

October 5, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterGeorge

Thanks George. Anti-incumbent sentiment is important, but I'm keeping the list to just those who voted yes on the final bailout bill. Good for you for putting your money where your mouth is, though.

October 5, 2008 | Registered CommenterDan

Guess What AIG did after the Bailout? Party Time?
Seems the took a whole lot of money and took out 70 folks for a very expensive party. I guess AIG knows nothing about budgeting. This is a real slap in the face for the American Tax payer.

October 8, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterThinking

Your tax dollars at play.

October 8, 2008 | Registered CommenterDan

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